When it comes to legal counselling, be sure you go for the best. The legal aspect is not something that you can avoid, to treat superficially or to cut corners.


With a well specialised, young, dynamic and friendly team, you can expect the best legal services on the market. Keeping up with the frequent legal changes in a very complex field is very challenging and requires passion and devotement, that is why we consider that the legal team from Ciobotaru, Schelean si Asociatii are the best at what they do.

For SMC the best and “GO TO” source is Ciobotaru, Schelean si Asociatii, one of, if not the best in legal counselling and law.

SMC has worked with them from the beginning in 2017 and at this moment we do not have anything about which we can say that we are slightly unsatisfied with.

We take this chance to thank the team for their support and devotement.

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