Your project, your idea, your needs,
our focus!

We are a long-term oriented and entrepreneurial investor empowering early-stage startups and all types of businesses to achieve their goals.

We are adaptable

We don’t have formal procedures on our platform and that makes us adaptable, just get connected. Be it your innovative idea, a solution to our challenge or an investment proposal, we will gladly receive a short summary including the following:

black smartphone near Skullcandy headphones

Brief description of your idea / solution / project / investment proposal

man holding incandescent bulb

What is the innovative element?

two people shaking hands

What is the benefit of your idea for customers and consumers?

men's gray crew-neck t-shirt

How do you envision SMC involvement in the project?

  • Have a project that you need help with?
  • Have an idea and don’t know where to start, or what it implies exactly?
  • Need to externalise some activities?
  • Need someone to help in your business with some work? A key employee left and until you find a replacement need someone to handle the job?
  • If we can do it, we don’t say no to a challenge.
  • We believe that collaboration and partnership based on trust are key to successful innovation.

Critical to success of any partnerships are aligned incentives. Therefore we do not have a standardised approach of collaboration – let’s sit together and reflect what works best for you und us.

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