Starting from December 2019, all world assisted powerless over the news of the new Coronavirus pandemic that us barely starting in China, but threatened the entire world. At that moment the world was watching whit little to no understanding of the gravity of the situation and what this will imply to the entire planet.

Being in close contact with our partners in China, we could hear first hand how scared people ware in the areas that ware affected by the new virus. Nobody knew what will happen, nobody knew if this was something that can be stopped in China, nobody knew what they needed to do, to protect themselves, therefore everybody started stocking on Prevention and Protection Equipment (PPE). The market for PPE was, as any capitalist market, well defined by the ratio between demand and supply, but totally unprepared for an event of this magnitude. As days ware passing, everybody started to notice the lack of availability of PPE on the market, as the whole world started to enter into a frenzy of securing as much as possible PPE for themselves.

At the end of January, the supply chains ware stretched to the limit, the PPE stocks ware gone and the demand was huge, making PPE a rarity and in many cases, more valuable then gold. The manufacturers ware having their production already booked for the next months, some governments limited the exports and some other governments ware trying to overbid in the need to secure as much product as possible.

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